Call for Projects (Phase 1, 2016-2019)

(Note: The call for projects for the first phase has ended. The funded projects are listed on the Projects page.)

The Priority Programme focusses on innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches. Accordingly, we specifically invite proposals that offer a holistic approach to cyber-physical networking and methodologies to tightly couple multiple components. Not within the scope of the Priority Programme are projects solely focussing on single aspects, including classical cross-layer optimisation approaches, classical approaches to networked control with a high level of abstraction of communication properties, optimisation of individual communication, control, or software components, proprietary solutions for particular applications/domains such as homogeneous network domains, ubiquitous/pervasive computing, organic/autonomic computing, and sensor-actor networks.

To enable the required breakthrough for networking in cyber-physical systems, the combination of multidisciplinary competences is required. Hence, CPN aims at bringing together experts from different disciplines including communication networks and systems, control, and information theory. Paired cooperation projects between researchers from these fields are particularly encouraged. A coordinating project will be implemented to stimulate the synergies and the networking between the projects, organise joint workshops and dissemination activities, facilitate international exchange, promote young researchers and deal with gender issues.