Event-based Wireless Control for Cyber-physical Systems

PIs: Sebastian Trimpe (Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme), Marco Zimmerling (TU Dresden)

The next generation of engineered systems will tightly integrate the physical world with computing and communication. These cyber-physical systems (CPS) will exceed present day systems in size, complexity, safety, reliability, and ecological requirements. The EcoCPS project targets the joint design and tight integration of distributed event-based control and low-power wireless networking to demonstrate tangible benefits over traditional isolated designs in terms of, for example, superior performance and robustness, reduced costs, and unprecedented flexibility. To this end, we establish a fundamental understanding and unified description of wireless communication and event-based control and their interrelations so as to develop principled methods for their co-design and tight integration. The methods will take into account the constraints, inter-dependencies, and needs for mutual information exchange between the two systems to optimize system-level performance, while providing theoretical guarantees. Eventually, we aim at a design, where the event-based control system informs the communication system in real-time about its feedback requirements, allowing the wireless network to reconfigure while still guaranteeing end-to-end real-time communication. The benefits of this design will be evaluated on a real-world CPS demonstrator involving unstable, spatially distributed control processes being controlled over a multi-hop low-power wireless network.

Involved PhD and PostDoc candidates

  • Dominik Baumann: Dominik Baumann holds a diploma in electrical engineering from the TU Dresden. In 2017, he joined the Autonomous Motion Department at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tuebingen. Dominik is working primarily on the project “Distributed and Event-based Wireless Control for Cyber-physical Systems” with Sebastian Trimpe.
  • Fabian Mager: In 2015, Fabian Mager graduated with a diploma degree in media compute science from TU Dresden. After working for one year as a research assistant in the Systems Engineering Group, he joined the Networked Embedded Systems Group of the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (CFAED) at TU Dresden in April 2016. Fabian works on wireless networking and system design aspects within the project “Distributed and Event-based Wireless Control for Cyber-physical Systems” with Marco Zimmerling.


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